Shoe Cleaning & Sanitize

A prefect solution for busy and professional life . At our washing co, we evolve ourselves everyday to provide the satisfaction to each of clients. We are perfectionists, so we know how to care for delicates. A prefect solution for busy professionals, bachelors, students, service apartment clientèle, spinsters and regular households.


Keep your footwear clean is an important part of their regular maintainance . At Shoe Hospital , we have a detailed seven step proprietary approach for cleaning and washing the footwear. Each pair is handled with utmost care and a thorough check is performed to see if the footwear needs any case of minor repair. The footwear is dried in a room temprature atmosphere to prevent pasting, color and crack issues.


We Convenience that, The Shoe Laundry is a service which comes to the customer, where they want. We takes request from you is a phone call or a message to our helpline and before you know, the footwear is picked, serviced and delivered back to you. We treat each shoe to the same standards of service, at Shoe Hospital, we have designed perfect quality and customer delight.