About Shoe Hospital

At Shoe Hospital, we can do anything from professional boot and shoe repair . you can count on our expert shoe cobblers to make your boots or shoes looks like as brand new.we effort to make our city a safer,cleaner and healthier place,our service to repairing and recycling old shoes is a great way to help in this cause.There are number of issues that can affect the health of your feet, we are the solution of your problems, any footwear issues handled by shoe_hospital.

Shoe_hospital provides full of service like shoe repair along with pedorthic care , we are take care of diabetic foot problems also. Excellent custom service provided you can contact with mail or calls for better result or getting more information regarding your foot problems or repair.

Shoe_hospital knows how important it is for the footwear to be comfortable.so that we perform our best possible checks to ensure a quality repair and footcare services just at your home. Just call and discuss ,we are giving the best hospitality service on footcare and we also suggest which type of shoes prefer best for your foot problems that can more help about your pain.

Our Team goal is to provide the customer with superior service with honest, Quality of repairs, value for money and enjoyable service by satisfying individual customers shoe repair and orthotic needs to recover all health and wellness. Our team thinks like a customer while performing each job.

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Reason Of Shoe Hospital

  Health Focused

Shoe_hospital is designed to accommodate sensitive feet ideal for bunions developed .

  Lightweight With Extra Space

Shoe_hospital allows the foot relaxed freedom of movement comfort ideal for swollen feet.

  No Interior Seams Or Stitching

Shoe_hospital minimises direct pressure points safe for feet with limited sensation.

  Thermo Insulated Upper

Shoe_hospital gives all year round protects against internal build-up of moisture.

  Stable,Anti-slip Sole

Shoe_hospital get improved stability double rocker sole allows for a smooth walking pattern.

Shoe_hospital is designed for all type of foot related purpose.Technically this is a unique platform where we treat for foot related quality service with footcare products and also shoe repairs available.

It also accomodates the feet well and redistributes the pressure.It is comple mented by flexible lightweight and highly durable airmax outer sole and soft ,comfortable uppers.This also uses for swollen feet and can be worn by diabetics.

Our products are support for innovative biometrical footbed , and relief the pain.

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Solution To Foot Realated Problems

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Knee Pain
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Leg Pain
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People Having Flat Feet
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Healthy Feet And Comfort
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Stand For Long Periods Pains
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Walk Long Distances